The Big Picture, a vision on the future of ambulancecare

Can you imagine what the future of healthcare looks like?

Welcome to the conversation – about how we will collectively meet the future health and wellbeing needs of our communities?

We’re buffeted by constant change – good and bad. It might be environmental, social, political, economic, or technological – things just change. We already know a lot about the challenges we are experiencing now…but what will the future be like?

Just like every other organization and individual, we need to anticipate and respond to change. And that means imagining new possibilities. So, we’ve painted a picture about what we think it could look like - to start a conversation and start building a shared understanding of the future.

And while we’ve started the picture, we really need a much wider group of organisations and individual imaginations to help us complete it.

At the end of the day, we’re just a part of this story. Healthcare in the community has always been and will always be a ‘team sport’ - with each of us playing our part to deliver these services. Similarly, the conversation about our future needs to be a ‘team sport’.

So, come and join us - as we begin this incredibly important conversation about the future health and wellbeing of our communities.

Just imagine it!


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